Storytelling – For Young People.

Throughout history, stories have been a driving tool in order to pass on knowledge, wisdom, cultural beliefs and values. We have been telling and sharing stories with each other throughout all time.

The power of sharing stories is about breaking down barriers and bringing about human connection. Everyone has a story to tell.

In this session young people will learn the art of storytelling. Attendees will not only understand the steps on how to construct and write or perform their story, they will learn about the power that exists in their own stories.

This workshop is about ensuring that young people have a voice, have a safe space to share their experiences and explore ways in which they can connect with others through story sharing.

Storytelling has been used as an artistic form of expression across cultures, landscapes, and moments in time. It has been long proven and documented that through narrative we own our stories and in turn heal through sharing narratives.

An important aspect of learning storytelling is understanding self care, when we share stories we open our experiences to others, this can be a wonderful undertaking however self care, boundary setting and maintaining control of our stories is an important skill to master.

Our facilitator is comes with lived experience as a refugee living in Australia and navigating various aspects of the settlement journey. Read more about our facilitator here

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