Ethical Storytelling

Ethical Storytelling: Workplace /Corporate

According to Driscoll & McKee (2006);

Authentic storytelling is inherently connected to ethical leadership and the creation of a more ethical culture. People reflect on well told, meaningful, stories that are told from the heart and soul. They resonate and stick with us. This, in turn, helps us with discernment, in making better decisions, more ethical decisions‘.

In this session you will learn the origins of storytelling, the power behind story and how we use story today in our personal and professional environment. Storytelling has increasingly become a tool for change and for delivering a message in Not-for-Profit organisations as well as corporate environments.

This session will challenge your current storytelling practices and asks how well you are doing this work in an ethical way that honours and holds space for everyone involved.

Storytelling has been used as an artistic form of expression across cultures, landscapes, and moments in time. It is long proven and documented that through narrative we own our stories.

An important aspect of learning storytelling is understanding self care and caring for others. When we share stories we open our experiences to others, this can be a wonderful undertaking however self care, boundary setting and maintaining control of our stories is an important skill to master.

Through this workshop we will create an open space to facilitate a Q&A and conversations about culture, biases, race, refugees and diversity.

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