Journey of a Refugee.

An experienced and captivating storyteller Liliana shares her personal story with her audiences through an immersive activity that take audiences through the journey of a refugee.

Storytelling is a powerful tool in order to connect to someone’s experience, building empathy and is a useful learning tool (a practical activity in community education and challenging biases).

When we hear someone’s personal story, we are able to put ourselves in other people’s perspective and learn from their personal experiences.

In this session Liliana shares her experience of arriving to Australia as a refugee and what the journey and experience entailed.

A harrowing story of survival, freedom fighting and ultimately escaping from a brutal dictatorship.

Liliana also facilitates a Q&A session after sharing her story in order to initiate conversations around experiences of refugees here in Australia and globally as well as notions of culture and growing up in Australia.

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What others have said about Liliana’s storytelling and workshops:

Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast – 2020

“A powerful communicator who inspired not only myself as a Community Services worker but also our Youth leaders. Liliana’s openness to share her own story visibly moves people and challenges us all to reflect on our own beliefs. She has grown her story telling and cultural engagement expertise through her involvement in many community based theatre projects and corporate engagements and is able to read the room to take you on a journey that I invite everyone. A testament to the rapport Liliana establishes with everyone she meets. We would definitely invite Liliana again to lead future workshops and encourage you to do the same.”

Troy Nicholls, Senior Development Manager, MCCGC

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