Community Living Association – 2021

Our organisation thoroughly enjoyed Liliana’s multicultural awareness training. An all-together valuable and enjoyable experience. Our groups contain people from a great diversity of backgrounds and it is a fantastic way to break the ice and get people talking about issues that affect people who have migrated to Australia for various reasons. The session was interesting and interactive for all those involved. I highly recommend this workshop for groups who would like to learn more about the migrant experience and to start conversations around the issues associated with it.” Chris – SQW Project Supervisor

Multicultural Australia – 2021

“As part of a event with Multicultural Australia and the Department of Education’s Refugee and Asylum Seeker Early Childhood Project we were privileged to be able to engage Moving Cultures Moving Stories. It was such a powerful story telling activity, and left partners & stakeholders even more engaged with the important task of working together to achieve welcome and safe communities. Lili is professional, engaging, and takes you on a journey like no other” Dani McAlister Multicultural Australia

Multicultural Council Gold Coast – 2020

“A powerful communicator who inspired not only myself as a Community Services worker but also our Youth leaders. Liliana’s openness to share her own story visibly moves people and challenges us all to reflect on our own beliefs. She has grown her story telling and cultural engagement expertise through her involvement in many community based theatre projects and corporate engagements and is able to read the room to take you on a journey that invite everyone to take. During workshops with our youth on the Gold Coast she created a safe space for them to then share their own journeys coming to Australia. A testament to the rapport Liliana establishes with everyone she meets. Youth commented on how good it felt to share their voices and appreciated being a part of the story-telling process and workshop. We would definitely invite Liliana again to lead future workshops and encourage you to do the same.” Troy Nicholls – Senior Development Manager, MCCGC

Attendee – 2020

“Liliana is brilliant! With her background in Anthropology and Philosophy, she has the ability to engage her audience effectively by sharing her unique insight on cultural engagement and its challenges. Detailing her own experience as a refugee, she took us through her own personal story and made it easy for us to relate to it and feel connected throughout the session.” Adriana Rivero

Newkind Conference – 2019

Liliana is an authentic and powerful presenter who combines lived experience with professional expertise to create a potent learning environment. Definitely recommend!” Erfan Daliri – Director at Newkind Conference

LORDS School – 2019

“Liliana’s story telling was engaging and inspiring. She shared with insight and compassion, while also gently challenging people through her story. Liliana’s story has a great impact and really affected people in such positive manner. We need to hear more stories such as Liliana’s” Jodie Hoff – Teacher at LORDS

The Smith Family – 2019

Lili facilitated a great workshop, she is motivating, knowledgeable and inspiring. It was a great day of fellowship, networking and learning.” Susan Thompson

Solar Buddies – 2019

Liliana is an absolutely amazing storyteller. She has a very relatable and personable approach to convey information in a highly engaging way. A great opportunity to learn, connect and re-establish your personal/workplace values. 
If you’re a business of any capacity and are looking for ways to improve the overall culture of your workplace, Liliana is most definitely the person you should reach out too!
” Shenal Sundaram