A panel discussion at the REIMAGINE Virtual Festival!

Recently Liliana Maria was interviewed my Mere Mortals

Watch the video below to listen to this wholesome conversation about Refugees, Migration and Identity.

“Identity is also an intriguing question that Liliana has had to deal with, having strong cultural ties to both Australia and Chile. This leads to talking about why labels and having borders can harm the ability to have open communication. Storytelling is a key part in creating open communication and Liliana does this through workshops under her brand of ‘Moving Cultures, Moving Stories’. The conversation ends with the change Chile has undergone in her lifetime, teaching children about the world and her favourite book ‘The Little Prince’. As always we hope you enjoy, Mere Mortals out!”

Our dear friends Pia and Adam from ‘In my country’ podcast, interviewed, collected and created this moving and inspirational series of stories which shares the experiences of people who once found themselves having to flee from persecution and now call Australia home.

Our trainer Liliana Maria is feature in the last episode of the podcast series ‘In My Country Podcast’

Click the link below to listen to a small exert of this episode:

If you would like to find out more and how you can listen to the full episode click the link below: https://inmycountrypodcast.com/2020/08/20/liliana/

It has been recommended that you listen to Liliana’s mother’s episode where she shares her account of the family story.

Click her name below: