Liliana Maria

With over 6 years experience working with new migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and international students, Liliana is a Cultural Engagement Consultant, Trainer and a skilled and experienced Storyteller who draws on her lived experience to create workshops in order to shift perceptions and narratives on topics of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants (see testimonials)

Liliana has a B.A. Double Major in Anthropology and Philosophy with a strong focus on migration, human rights and world issues. Liliana is currently completing an Honours degree in Anthropology – ‘Who owns the story’. Exploring refugee stories, activism, advocacy and storytelling as a force for social change.

Liliana arrived in Australia in 1988 as a refugee on a humanitarian visa. Born in Santiago, Chile, Liliana’s passion for shifting the narrative has taken her to feature in theatre performances, panel discussions, podcast interviews, radio and more.

May 1988 – Santiago Chile

Some of Liliana’s notable features include:

La Boite Theatre Company in conjunction with KIOSK – Digital theatre production ‘The Welcome’ where Liliana shares her experience of belonging in Australia.

La Boite Theatre Company’s immersive theatre production ‘The Village’, Liliana shares her story of fleeing her home country.

In my country” Podcast which launched on the 20th of June 2020 for World Refugee Day

Liliana Also shared her story as part of a panel discussion at the Brisbane Writers Festival as part of Mem Fox’s book “I am Australian too”.

You can also find a snippet of Liliana’s story on SBS Voices (see editorial for full story). 

In her time as a Cultural Trainer Liliana has experience in developing and delivering training in a variety of workplaces and for a variety of organisations including;

  • Queensland Farmers Federation
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria
  • Heritage Bank
  • La Boite Theatre Company
  • Multi Link
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Queensland Theatre
  • Suncorp
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Queensland Ombudsman
  • Queensland Police
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Best Employment
  • Toowoomba Hospital
  • PHN Northside
  • Epilepsy QLD
  • Brisbane Broncos
  • Lords School
  • Qld Rail
  • Anglicare
  • Welcome Sports
  • Brisbane Lions
  • The University of Queensland
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Multicultural Australia
  • Multicultural Council Gold Coast
  • BHP
  • Brisbane City Council
  • And more

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Journey of a Refugee.

An experienced and captivating storyteller Liliana shares her personal story with her audiences.

Storytelling is a powerful tool in order to connect to someone’s experience, building empathy and is a useful learning tool.

When we hear someone’s personal story, we are able to put ourselves in other people’s perspective and learn from their personal experiences.

In this session Liliana shares her experience of arriving to Australia as a refugee and what the journey and experience entailed.

A harrowing story of survival, freedom fighting and ultimately escaping from a brutal dictatorship.

Liliana also facilitates a Q&A session after sharing her story in order to initiate conversations around experiences of refugees here in Australia and globally as well as notions of culture and growing up in Australia.

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What others have said about Liliana’s storytelling and workshops:

Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast – 2020

“A powerful communicator who inspired not only myself as a Community Services worker but also our Youth leaders. Liliana’s openness to share her own story visibly moves people and challenges us all to reflect on our own beliefs. She has grown her story telling and cultural engagement expertise through her involvement in many community based theatre projects and corporate engagements and is able to read the room to take you on a journey that I invite everyone. A testament to the rapport Liliana establishes with everyone she meets. We would definitely invite Liliana again to lead future workshops and encourage you to do the same.”

Troy Nicholls, Senior Development Manager, MCCGC

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