Explore your Element

This one-day public workshop Explore Your Element (EYE) comprises a unique program with anthropologist and cultural educator Liliana Maria, and multicultural festival director, musician and program designer Sebastian Flynn.  

EYE is a valuable opportunity for teams and individuals to explore their own culture and their gifts and talents as well as their innate unconscious biases, to enable them to maximise their potential and participate and connect in a diverse cultural environment. 

EYE draws a parallel between cultural and philosophical insights from human history as well as the many current, contemporary sensibilities around cultural intelligence (CQ) – as the necessary ‘seeds of strategy’ from a cultural viewpoint.  

What to expect on the day 

Sebastian Flynn will lead in the morning with The Culture Compass comprising: 

  • Identifying Fulfilment 
  • Fourfold Frameworks of Life (The Seeds of Strategy)
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Theory
  • Creating a ‘Sphere of Life Bio’
  • Recreating Our Culture
  • From Clinical to Cultural Wellbeing 
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Metaphor in Storytelling 

Liliana Maria will lead the afternoon session with Cultural Conversations comprising: 

  • Ethnicity & Culture (Anthropological perspective)
  • Neuroscience – Unconscious Bias (The ‘Filing Cabinet’ of Our Unconscious)
  • Cognitive Science (The ‘Second Soul’ of Language)
  • Social Science – Empathy vs Sympathy
  • Compassion and Connection (Einstein on compassion) 



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