At Moving Cultures Moving Stories we believe that having an awareness and understanding of various cultural perspectives can improve our interactions with each other, whether in our personal lives or within an educational or professional environment. 

Our training and workshops cover a range of topics and are adaptable and dynamic.

We can tailor cultural sessions and conversations to fit any environment.

Our Cultural Educator teaches from an anthropological perspective and has lived experience as a person from a refugee background.

An example of some of the topics we cover include: 

  • Understanding various cultural backgrounds and how to engage and communicate respectfully and effectively 
  • Applying skills needed for successful intercultural communication
  • Understanding the challenges faced by new migrants in our community
  • Understanding the experiences of people from a refugee background
  • Cultural awareness and cultural humility
  • Engaging with multicultural communities
  • Engaging with the multicultural classroom
  • Understanding the experiences of young people from a refugee background
  • Ethical storytelling
  • What is event it racism, how to manage and pr

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Learn more about our Facilitator/ Trainer/ Educator and her lived experience Liliana Maria

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